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Posted on Feb 27, 2014

Magnolia Lane in Gentry Magazine
Magnolia Lane is credited for it’s draperies in Gentry Home magazine’s January/February 2014 issue. The article “NORTHERN LIGHT – A Pacific Heights Stunning Contemporary Update” features the beautiful home of Charlot and Greg Malin. Troon Pacific is their real estate development firm. We are proud to have worked with Charlot and Greg over the years on their amazing transformations. Click Here to view the article. The photographs below and in the article were taken by Margot Hartford who was the photographer for many of the images on our website and webstore. All of the curtains and the duvet cover w/matching shams that you see in the various photos were made by Magnolia Lane.

Magnolia Lane Drapes


Magnolia Lane Line Duvet Cover


Click on Troon Pacific to learn more about Greg & Charlot Malin’s international company
and talented team of professionals.

Click on Margot Hartford to learn more about Margot and view a sampling of her
amazing photographs.


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American Flag from 1837

Posted on Jan 9, 2014

What An Honor to work on this piece of American history! The flag is a family heirloom from 1837. It sailed with the grand sire of a client on his own merchant vessel. It’s an example of a “Great Star” design.

Great Star American Flag restoration

Magnolia Lane restores 1831 American Flag


The flag was in good condition but had some holes and tears.  It also had some sections of delicately shredded and/or completely missing fabric.  We attached hemp fabric backing to strengthen and re-form the flag.  The holes were patched with matching fabric.  Grommets were added to the top of the flag and the grommets were covered with jute cord.  The flag is now proudly displayed at the owner’s home! Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your unique projects.

1831 American Flag Restoration close up

Close up details shows the restorations

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healthy cushions

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

Naturally Soft Cushions

Sustainable, healthy and natural are only a few features of these amazing cushions for an indoor sunroom.

Magnolia Lane manufactured hemp cushions with wool wrapped latex foam.

Teak furniture with cushions made by Magnolia Lane. Cushions have a natural latex core covered with a wool batting and an incredibly soft hemp fabric with a zipper enclosure and velcro straps for securing cushions to furniture

When making the investment into any soft home furnishing, looking at the whole project begins with style. Loving what we surround ourselves with everyday gives us more joy than just the fit and finish. When we look deeper into the sustainability of an item or the rarity of it, we see more about ourselves and our style than we think. But what about the health of an item? It’s a bit harder to see heath content or toxic content. Take a closer look. What is this item really made of? How do the items we surround ourselves with show our use of natural or artificial elements? Cushions have long been used for many different purposes and while the knowledge of the health risks of fire retardants and polyurethane foam might be more known today than 20 years ago, as highlighted in the HBO documentary “Toxic Hot Seat.”Interior designers and their clients are taking action to remove these items from their homes, or choosing to use healthy, sustainable, and natural alternatives!

Teak Sofa Close Up with Latex Cushions

These cushions were made to reflect the clean and natural elegance of teak wood furniture while offering unimaginable softness and comfort. Healthy, Sustainable, and Natural products are available through Magnolia Lane.

Budget vs. Benefit


Healthy custom handmade cushions seem like a reach from just buying cushions directly from the retailer who sold you the furniture in the first place. But look at the whole project, the type of style, design and look you are going for. When you feel the quality of your average nylon/polyester blend outdoor fabric filled with polyurethane foam, they are often times light cushions with rough fabrics and end up looking like all of the old patio cushions stacked in the basement or garage. When you think about the time and lifestyle you live, you quickly realize that just like the teak furniture, you want a healthy, natural and sustainable cushion that goes with it. Latex foam comes in many various densities for your comfort and firmness. Latex foams are rated for 15+ years of use and are made of natural and sustainable resources. They’re an amazing option available to interior designers and consumers when poly foam would be considered. These cushions were wrapped in a wool batting to help keep the lofty shape of the cushions. Hemp fabric historically has been stereotyped as hard, stiff and abrasive fabric. Not your first choice for an indoor/outdoor cushion, but now hemp fabrics have immense benefits over other natural fabrics for strength, wear, weave and texture. Not to mention, almost all hemp fabrics are made without pesticides or other toxic chemicals!

With all the knowledge available, interior designers and our customers are more and more focused on healthy natural and sustainable quality products than ever before. Cushions made from latex, wool and hemp are not only healthy for your whole family but will last for years. Taking that extra step while working with an interior designer to truly achieve something special can be so much better for everyone. When choosing healthy, sustainable, and natural products free of polyurethane, fire retardants and other toxic chemicals, choose Magnolia Lane.


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A Thanksgiving Thank You

Posted on Nov 21, 2013


A special greeting of Thanksgiving time to express our deep appreciation for your confidence and loyalty. We couldn’t ask for more in our business partnerships and appreciate that you continue to push us to be better.

We extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday.

The Team at Magnolia Lane


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A Creative Fix

Posted on Nov 15, 2013

A Creative Fix

The arm, back & side seams of these loveseats required attention. The backing was showing through the seams. We suggested applying jute cord. The result of hand stitching natural jute cord at the seams is one that we find quite amazing!




Sofa Arm Before Stichwork

Sofa Arm and Seat Before Stichwork

Sofa Full Before Stichwork

Sofa Back Before Stichwork

Sofa Back After Stichwork

Sofa Full After Stichwork

Sofa Arm and Seat After Stichwork

Sofa Arm After Stichwork

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